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Captain Dan Berg of the Wreck Valley Dive Boat and Aqua Explorers Inc. has made the contents of his popular book "Long Island Shore Diver" available for free, online!Diving Guide

For more than 25 years, Dan Berg's Shore Diver has been the quintessential guide to Long Island beach diving. Generations of divers have explored Long Island's beach dive sites using this valuable reference. Now, Captain Berg has once again shown his dedication to the promotion of local diving by making the contents of Shore Diver available free to all divers through his web site. The addition of web based information for so many dive sites as well as information on the techniques and methods to perform local dives will no doubt be an immensely valuable resource for all local divers. LIDA is both pleased and proud to help promote this information.


Long Island has a diverse variety of dive sites accessible from our local shores as well as some of the best shipwreck diving available in the world. We will be working hard this season to document many of these dive sites with up-to-date information, including driving directions (for beach sites), photos, description of the expected diving conditions, marine life, drawings, sketches, and other useful information.

You can contribute!

This project can only be completed with your assistance. Why not take the time to write up a description of your favorite dive? Or consider checking out a less familiar spot and writing up the location. With the help of our membership, we hope to build a comprehensive catalog of the many beach and wreck dives Long Island has to offer. If you have a submission or any questions, contact LIDA. Your contribution to this effort would be greatly appreciated.

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Last modified: September 09 2019